Risa Fukui

Date of Birth: November 6, 1990

Place of Birth: Neyagawa, Osaka

Blood Type: Super B

Current Occupation: 3rd year of School of Life and Environmental Sciences

Academic Background:

April 2006-March 2009

Osaka Prefectural Shijounawate High School

Once failed the entrance exam, since I was so crazy about Tales of The Abyss.

April 2010-Present

School of Life and Environmental Sciences, Osaka Prefecture University


I like : Surume (dried cuttlefish)

I dislike: Pumpkin

Interest: Tennis and Game (I do not play them often recently...)

RPG (FF, KH, Tales) Action (Sengoku Muso)

Movies except horror-, grotty-, and Japanese movies.

I love foreign action movies!


My Dream: Find a job by which I can pursue what I like.

A Word: Do my best in a relaxed style.